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Senior Independent Living for Alabama Residents

Main Street Seniors wants you to keep your freedom to decide your own activities and schedule, which is what you get with our Alabama independent living communities for seniors. While help is there when you need it, we understand the value of your independence and respect it. There’s a whole community full of residents like you with whom you can socialize and build relationships, or you can go in town and enjoy yourself shopping and meeting friends and family—it’s completely your decision. You might not need assistance with any of your daily routines like dressing or bathing, but you do want to simplify your daily and monthly responsibilities, so you can focus on doing the things you enjoy.

older couple drinks coffee outside their home

Featured Services & Amenities We Offer

Your retirement years should be spent enjoying life and not fretting over the monthly bills, crouched under the sink when there’s a leak, or breaking your back taking care of bed linens. Daily activities and taking care of yourself aren’t an issue, but your time would be better spent with your friends and family or partaking in the community events. Our communities offer independent living for seniors that takes the grunt-work out of your day. The services and amenities provided by the communities include:

  • Delicious and nutritious meals prepared on-site every day for you
  • Housekeeping services to keep your residence clean (includes changing of sheets and towels and laundry)
  • All utilities are paid for and integrated into your residential costs (excluding telephone)
  • Maintenance services for your residence to keep furniture, appliances, and other features working and in good condition
  • Transportation available so you have a safe, dependable ride to go shopping and meet friends and family
  • Access to all services and amenities offered at your community, which may vary according to the location

Keep Your Independence in Our Communities

Get all the perks of a worry-free community at one of Main Street Seniors’ properties for independent living in Alabama. With your monthly rent, your time is your own without the chores and responsibilities of managing utilities or sorting through your weekly laundry. Enjoy your life, and let someone else handle the daily, weekly, and monthly hassles. For questions or to discuss our community options for independent living, give us a call today!

Find a Retirement Community That Fits Your Life!