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Assisted Living Communities in Alabama

At the communities of Main Street Seniors, we want to make sure that your life in assisted living is the best experience possible. Residents have the freedom to dictate their daily lives and live independently, but some regular activities have become difficult over time. Seniors might need assistance getting dressed, grooming, or bathing, or they might need an escort to help them get from place to place. Medication management can be complex and scheduled pills might get confusing. We provide the care and assistance for senior residents to keep living their normal lives without worrying about missing their pills or shaving.

nurse helps elderly patient walk down stairs

Included Services & Amenities for Residents

Our assisted living communities allow you to keep your independence while still getting help with the everyday activities that have grown difficult. Dressing, bathing, and medication management can be handled with the assistance of our caring staff. Other services and amenities that come with your monthly residential costs include:

  • Delicious and nutritious meals prepared for you every day on-site
  • Housekeeping services to keep your residence clean (includes laundry, changing of sheets, and towels)
  • All utilities are paid for and integrated into your residential costs (excluding telephone)
  • Maintenance services for your residence to keep appliances, furniture, and other features in good working order
  • Transportation available for a safe ride into town for shopping and socializing
  • Access to any and all amenities and services the community offers, which may vary according to the location of your community

Customized Assistance to Keep Your Freedom

The assisted living services at our communities will make life easier and more focused on doing the things you enjoy. Your residence in the community includes everyday help with the activities that have become a struggle. You also no longer need to worry about cooking, cleaning, laundry, the monthly utility bills, or social opportunities. Our staff will ensure a customized assistance plan to help you stay on top of daily routines without infringing on your freedom. Call us if you have any questions or you’d like to discuss our assisted living communities.

Find a Retirement Community That Fits Your Life!