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Types of Communities Available

Your home during the twilight years should be comfortable and suit your needs and lifestyle to help make every day a pleasurable experience. Whether you want to maintain a completely independent lifestyle but forego the daily and monthly obligations, or you need a little help with some of the regular duties and activities, you can find a suitable community for your health and happiness with Main Street Seniors. The types of senior living areas we provide include:

55+ Community

Whether you’re capable of living without assistance or there are some aspects of daily living where you could use a hand, we have options for seniors of various capabilities.

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Assisted Living

You still have your independence, but we can help you with the activities you have difficulty with, such as bathing, dressing, laundry, and meal preparation. We provide ample support to ensure that your needs are met.

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Independent Living

You don’t need assistance with the daily activities, but you still enjoy the perks of a community that provides prepared meals, housekeeping, and social interaction opportunities.

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Memory Care

For seniors who need long-term care with cognitive and memory issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, we provide supervised care for them 24 hours a day in a comfortable environment, customized to their needs and always compassionate.

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Respite Care

For short-term stays to take care of adults recovering from illness, we can give them the care and attention they need while their caregiver can rest and recuperate.

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Find a Retirement Community That Fits Your Life!